A City Full of Natural Attractions – Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is the capital of South Africa which is not only the economic hub of the country but also offers plentiful attractions. This largest city of South Africa, Johannesburg grabs the attention of tourist from all across the world. This city is blessed with many natural resources.

Night View Johannesburg City South Africa

During 1880’s the world’s richest gold field was discovered in Johannesburg.  This city has attractions for every age group. Johannesburg is also familiar as Jozi among natives and for the first time visitors Apartheid Museum, Rose bank, Johannesburg art gallery, construction hill, Melville Koppies and many other splendid places will definitely not disappoint you and surely you’re going to come back again to Jozi.

Attractions in Johannesburg:

Isando offers you a wide variety of shopping malls and some outstanding hotels including the famous Don Hotel chain. While exploring Johannesburg if luckily you take a trip to Swartsruit Recreational area you will see some spectacular locations for picnic. In the surroundings because of the dam and the huge variety of bird life, it is a not to be missed attraction for the bird lovers.

Rose Bank is one of the most popular destinations in Johannesburg among natives and tourists. This place has successfully combined commercial activities with a pleasant working environment. Rose bank is approximately about half an hour away from Tambo Airport and close to many remarkable centers. Rose bank has something to offer for everyone including great architecture and beautiful art galleries.

Rhino and lion natural reserve park gives you an opportunity to see wild life from very close. In this park you are allowed to come with your family in a car and observe the characteristics of small adorable cubs of lions which are jumping and playing, absolutely worthwhile visiting to this marvelous place. Due to security reasons you are not allowed to get out of your car as these wild animals are very dangerous.

Burma is close to all major Johannesburg attractions and has few of its own. Burma is also very close to international airport and the outstanding transportation services make this destination as a perfect place for business and travelers. You can explore the East gate shopping mall which has an environment that caters for parents and children. Burma Lake is an amazing mixture of lakeside markets and commercial parks. The ideal time to visit this lake is in afternoon because of the magnificent light work and climate.

Water Sisulu National Botanical Garden is a perfect place for travellers to see magnificent waterfalls and plants. This garden is also home of black eagles which are roaming in the surroundings. A telescope is set up to grant a glimpse of the eagles. Many natives usually come to this spectacular destination on weekends for picnic purposes or some of them just simply come here to relax.

If you are planning this summer to take cheap flights to Johannesburg then there are many other outstanding attractions which will definitely make you fall in love with this fantastic destination.

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