Africa’s Inspiring Country; Ghana

Looking for that casual African style vacation? One where you can truly soak up in the very best of this spectacular continent without making a dent in your pocket? One where you can indulge in one of Africa’s colorful and inspiring cultures while at the same time embarking upon all the fun and action that makes a vacation a memorable one? Well then, there is no better place than the spectacular and the ever-hospitable country of Ghana!

Feel like warmth of the people of Ghana and find yourself marveling at the country’s rich culture and inspiring history. What better place to experience the very best of Ghana than the capital city, Accra! Boasting great museums and monuments that will provide you an ideal insight into Ghana’s captivating history, soothing beaches ideal for a relaxing afternoon along the shores, beautiful botanical gardens and parks, and a lot more, Accra surely knows exactly how to make your vacation one that you will treasure for life! Now that you have the perfect African country finalized, all you need to do now is look for the cheapest flights to Ghana!

Here is a short list of some of the must things to do when you’re in Accra.

Sunset Bojo Beach Accra

Fun in the waters

Accra is one of those cities of Ghana that is blessed with a shoreline. So when you’re touring this amazing city, make sure you plan a trip to some of Accra’s beaches. Spend a perfect afternoon strolling along the white sandy beaches or simply soak up in the sun with your favorite book and a refreshing cocktail for that perfect golden tan. Head to the Bojo Beach during the weekends when the beach is the most happening. You will find young experts and tourists dancing along the shores to the beat of the music.

Also visit the Labadi Pleasure Beach that also houses great restaurants where you can indulge in your favorite freshly cooked meal while enjoying the soothing sound of the ocean waves. So book your cheap airline ticket to Accra now and hop on an ultimate African style vacation.

National Museum of Ghana Exterior view

Ghana’s inspiring history and mesmerizing culture

If you want a tour of this amazing country’s history and culture, then the Museum of Ghana is the ideal place for you. Exhibiting fascinating relics from Ghana’s age-old history to the present, your tour of the museum will take you on a fascinating journey through time. Also make sure you pay a visit to the National Theatre and book yourself a seat for one of their spectacular performances. Words can’t describe the experience. The building of the national Theatre itself is worth taking a tour of. The building’s intricate modern style design and architecture is truly inspiring.

All this and a lot more is what await you in this beautiful Ghanaian city. Look for the best travel deals with our specialized staff and let us make your vacation a truly memorable one.

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