As pure as it gets, Seychelles

The haven of 74 atolls and sparkling sand cays, 41 spectacular granitic islands and the total of 115 islands are none other than the shining and stunning Seychelles. It is located almost 1600 km away from the Eastern Africa coast and serves as one genuine and appealing destination for all the travelers of this world. Basically, it has been categorized by 2 different groups- there are granitic Inner Islands such as Anonyme, La Digue, Praslin and Mahe, where as the outer islands are divided into 5 other parts. These are known as the Aldabra Group, Farquhar Group, Alphonse Group, the Southern Coral Group and the Amirantes Group.

The coralline and the granite islands of this magical destination spread like emeralds on the land area of more than one million square kilometers and draw the attention of plenty of all those couples and honey mooners who grab cheap flights to Seychelles and just love to spend an amazing time here. There are many mini small islands that are still unspoiled and untouched. La Digue, Praslin, and Mahe islands are the famous one and together form the cultural heart of the archipelago as seen from the satellite. The legendary Coco-de-mer nut of Praslin and the rich underwater world of Anse Source d’Argent are the famous temptation for multitudes of people.

Anse Source d'Argent Seychelles

The dazzling Denis Island and the Bird Island offer unforgettable sights- don’t miss the opportunity to see the large group of turtles that just love to nest on ivory sands. There are 73 low lying islands that are known as the Outer islands and each one of them is located beyond the Seychelles plateau. Only 2 of them, Desroches and Alphonse  provide accommodation to the coming travelers.

Apart from the pristine sandy and powdery beaches of Seychelles, there are many other allurements that catch the eye of many people. L’Union Estate in La Digue and the legendary Vallee de Mai in Praslin are the major examples. One of the most significant nature’s reserves of this planet is Aride Island, that is also located in Seychelles. It offers shelter to breeding seabirds of ten species such as the Brush Warblers, Fodies, Magpie Robins and many others.

Aerial view of Curieuse Island Seychelles

Another notable and best-loved attraction of the region is le Coco Marine National Park that shines with shallow turquoise sea and also amazing coral reefs. The hillside of Curieuse Island is very famous for its colorful and bright sights, and there are many other unique characteristics that are associated with this mind blowing destination. Get your travel deals for this romantic destination now.

Seychelles serve as the living natural history museum- the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of legendary Aldabra (earth’s largest atoll) and Vallee de Mai also known to be the Garden of Eden both are settled here. From the heaviest land tortoise to the smallest frog  to the  only flightless bird of the Indian Ocean, the place serves to be the home of plenty of indigenous and endemic species. Other must-see attractions are Ste. Anne Island, Silhouette Island , Moyenne Island, Fregate Island, Felicite Island and Denis Island.

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