Beaches, Historical Ruins and Extravagant Landmarks at Mombasa

If you seek the break the shackles of the monotony of your daily lifestyle then heading to Mombasa might just be the perfect tourism hotspot which caters to all such needs. Mombasa provides a wide array of bewitching attractions which are not only astounding but also tend to leave an indelible mark on your mind and soul. Here at Mombasa you would be splashed with some sizzling excursions and attractions which one could ever expect. It doesn’t matter if you have a flair for architectural exuberance, languid beaches, trendy cafes, shopping malls or other picnic hotspots, here you would find an exquisite collection which caters to all such requirements.

The narrow alleyways and streets of the Old Town to the fantasizing architectural display of Fort Jesus, Mombasa is a blast for everyone. From providing the perfect exultation for the fishing buffs to those beach enthusiasts to the family oriented vacationers who seek the perfect reprieve from the incessant chores of life, Mombasa will have you entranced so get your cheap tickets to Mombasa now. Apart from the scintillating shore line to some of the most dazing architectural magnificence, here we have a list of some of the most exhilarating thing to do which would leave you in love with this place.

Fort Jesus Mombasa Kenya

Fort Jesus Escapade

Widely heralded amongst the top tourist destinations at Mombasa, the Ford Jesus is simply a breathtaking piece of architecture. The place chronicles as back as to the 16th century since its inception when the place was used mostly as a transit point featuring rich artifacts which have an absorbing effect. This place is a must visit for everyone regardless of you having a knack for history or culture.

Gedi Ruins Kenya

Gedi Ruins

If you are fond of history then the Gedi Ruins are definitely those historical sites which are a must visit. The place was a small town built from rocks and stones and through employing some of the latest techniques the Gedi Ruins are still maintained in their original form so book your cheap flights to Kenya and indulge onto this fantasizing excursion.

Beaches at Mombasa

Mombasa features an exclusive collection of some of the finest beaches there is in the entire continent. It remains a widely known fact that many Europeans make their way each year in the summers to replenish themselves and soak in the sun. Here, the top beaches like Tiwi and Watamu are amongst those top rated beaches which provide with some imbibing tacky entertainment options, water sport activities. The Watamu Beach specifically is layered with coral reefs which provide with the opportunity to indulge in some snorkeling excursions so get your bargain air deals to Mombasa today.

Mombasa Tusks

Mombasa Tusks

If you are just entering this fabulous dazzling city you are welcomed by these ostentatiously displayed tusks. Make sure to have a click with this iconic landmark at Mombasa which also happens to form an “M” for Mombasa.

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