Discover the Mysterious Port Harcourt

When it comes to that ideal location for your vacation then here it is, one of the most visited destinations for the perfect getaway, for the perfect escape and for the perfect holiday vacation with your family and loved ones. Port Harcourt is the place you have been waiting for. It has everyone one would want for a peaceful and relaxing time away.

Port Harcourt has perfected itself in providing you with the ultimate pampering that you deserve after a elongated and lengthy year of hard work and long hours spent at the office. Take your loved one on a journey they will never forget by booking your favorite holiday package now..This is your chance to experience the beautiful beaches and sink your feet into the white sand. Do not hesitate as you deserve this ultimate African vacation and get close to nature. Here are some of the places in Port Harcourt which one must visit especially with the cheap air tickets to Nigeria.

Genesis Centre

Indulge in some fun and adventure by making Genesis Centre as your first stop. You will find yourself doing things one would never do. Head to this magnificent center and experience the ultimate shopping fiesta where you not only get to shop till you drop but also get a taste of the African shopping lifestyle and so much more. Do not be surprised if you find yourself playing and shopping at the same time.

Genesis Centre Port Harcourt Exterior view

This center also has one of the best Chinese restaurants for you to sink your teeth into and the aroma of the delicious Chinese delicacies are surely calling to you. So do not miss out the opportunity to have the best of China at Port Harcourt. If you thought this was enough then this marvelous center is yet to surprise you even more with delicious and high quality pastries and pies that are simply to die for.

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

What better way to spend your holidays than by soaking your skin in the sun and relaxing. Port Harcourt has the perfect treat for you as it lets you swim your worries away so that you head back to your normal routine and life feeling more refreshed and revitalized than ever. If you are in dire need to reinvent yourself or simply to get a break from your boring and monotonous routine then these breathtaking beaches have the perfect mix of serenity and adventure which will reawaken your wild side and put you in the mood to party.

So pack your bathing suit and indulge yourself in some harmless fun and adventure. Give your muscles some exercise by playing volleyball or check how good your arm is by throwing a Frisbee. Isn’t this what everyone would want in a vacation?

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach Nigeria

Rivers State Museum

The museum is a way of getting to know the place well and there is no better way to get up close and personal than by heading to and exploring the River State Museum which is filled with amazing artifacts which will blow your mind. Discover the history and mystery behind the secretive Port Harcourt by witnessing some of the best masks and carvings at this museum. Who ever said museums are boring surely never went to Port Harcourt’s museum called River State Museum. So book your cheap ticket to Port Harcourt and experience something out of the ordinary only here at Port Harcourt.

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