Experience the Jungle Sensations with Congo Jungle Safari

You want to witness some real adventure this season? If yes then book your cheapest airlines to Congo as Congo Jungle Safari is exactly what you are looking for. As the entire world is explored and known, Congo’s thick rain forest are still a mystery. These rain forests are home to world’s best kept wonders and secrets of wildlife. As you avail package holidays for the jungle safari in Congo, you are matched with a group of other tourists. You will also be provided with local guides who will help you through the lush green thick forests and in camping. The jungle safari is normally eight days long and is a very thrilling experience.

While on jungle safari, you will be getting a chance to track wildlife in a very close encounter. It will be an amazing experience as you will get a chance to observe wild animals and their activities in a natural habitat. There will be many researchers along with you on your tour of jungle as WWF office is also located there. As you move into the dense forest, you will be able to see elephants and gorillas.

Elephants at Congo Jungle

It will certainly be nothing less than a scene from any Hollywood movie. You can expect trekking through the forest day long and drenching in unexpected showers. You will also be greeted with beautiful ponds and waterfalls. Most of the safari packages offer unique access to the WWF office located in the jungle. This WWF office is a wildlife research station and you can learn a great deal of first hand information about wild animals from there.

Another interesting aspect of this jungle safari is meeting the local Ba’Aka Tribe. This tribe is a primitive African tribe living in jungle since hundreds of years. You can see their culture and traditions and feel the strong contrast between their lives to that of the regular world. Their unique forest culture is truly a sight to see. You will hardly be able to believe your eyes as you witness their life style and separation from the rest of the world. The people of the tribe will be showing you their traditional dances, herbs and medication. You can also go hunting with them in the jungle and experience their fascinating art of hunting for food.

You will be returning to the camping sites in the jungle with your group before the night falls. There are two camping sites in the jungle. Camping sites are made into walled parks inside the jungle where the tourists can sleep in peace without danger. These parks are guarded to prevent any animals from getting through.

Congo Jungle Safari is one of the most awe-inspiring and adventurous safari that you will ever experience. This will be a vacation that will leave you with a thousand memories that you will be recalling for years to come. You will also be making new friends from among your group and meeting new people from a completely different world. Book your cheap flights to Congo and try out this brilliant jungle safari in dense African forests.

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