Most Stunning African Destinations

With its formidable animal life and the expansive landscapes, the 2nd largest continent of this planet- Continent Africa is one the best-loved and darling location of the world that offers you the most amazing photographic opportunities. Just get out of the feeling that you are heading towards the place that has not been changed for so long (centuries and millenniums) – it serves to be the haven of a wide array of picturesque and jaw dropping spots that draw the attention of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Ngorongoro Reserve of Tanzania

Tanzania (the Great Migration)

Several hundred thousand zebra and more than a million wildebeest making their annual migration- nothing more is jaw dropping and breath-taking than such scene and there are thousands of travelers and adventurers who grab cheap airlines tickets to Tanzania to witness this great migration. It is actually an year-round event that starts from Ngorongoro Reserve of Tanzania (January) towards Serengeti (June) and finally hit Masai Mara of Kenya in September. The migration then begins to move back to South.

Table Mountain Cable Car Cape Town South Africa

South Africa (Table Mountain)

One of the most dazzling and appealing beach cities of the world- Cape town is the home of many spell-casting and magical spots that allure multitudes of people and forces them to purchase cheap tickets to Cape Town. Table Mountain is the greatest attraction of South Africa and is also very famous for being one of the most amazing photo-capturing spot of this earth. The tourists can easily reach the top with the help of cable cars- the vistas from the mesa top are just awe-inspiring and leave plenty of the tourists in awe.

Djmaa el Fna Marrakech Morocco

Morocco (Djmaa el Fna)

The heart of antiquated city of Marrakech features the most exciting town square of this world that is very famous with the name of Djmaa el Fna and serves as one of the most magnetic and mind blowing the spot of Africa. The sleepy heat of the afternoon brings the unique ambiance filled with orange juice vendors, the date-sellers, story-tellers, henna-painters and the snake-charmers- the greatest temptations for all those visitors who are always in search of cheap flight deals to Marrakech.

The vendors are than joined by the local tribal drummers as soon as the night approaches. The whole atmosphere than transforms and you will see mobile restaurateurs equipped with bread and salad, delicious grilled meats and many other dainty cuisines. The lady boy dancers are also included in the fascination of the night time.

Sossusvle Desert Namibia

Namibia (Sossusvlei Dunes)

“The gathering place of water” or Sossusvlei is the most astonishing and jaw dropping location of Africa-, but don’t forget to bring water otherwise the desert will surly dehydrate you. Multitudes of travelers find cheap flights to Namibia to visit the most outstanding and eye catchy attraction of this world. These dunes are just marvelous and are actually formed over hundreds of centuries- the material that flowed into the Atlantic Ocean was carried away to north and then back to the land- the result is the dunes that will definitely leave you in awe.

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