Quality Getaways in Nairobi

Come to the bewitching city of Nairobi which features a fascinating blend of idyllic beaches, classy landmarks, opulent luxury hotels and high end shopping malls which offer you the perfect respite. If you are sick and tired of the incessant chores of life and seek a change from the monotony of your daily routine then heading to the sensual capital city of Kenya may be a fair idea.

Nairobi despite being renowned as a business haven is a trendy labyrinth covered in layers of entertainment offering something truly enticing for travelers from all around. No matter what your interest(s) and preferences may be, the tumultuous city of Nairobi will not disappoint you.

Here’s a list of some of the most reckoned places and things at Nairobi which would enable you to have a blissful vacation, so get your plane cheap tickets to Nairobi now. Nairobi has long maintained its reputation of some of the most unique offerings which include a diverse wildlife and caters to guests and travelers from all cultures.

Safari Walk Nairobi Kenya

Safari Walk:

If you’re one of those nature enthusiasts who wish to indulge and witness some fine species of animals then heading to the Nairobi national Park might be a good idea. Here you can dash out either alone, with mates or with the entire family and enjoy the wonderful scenic vistas and wildlife display on show. The parks and reserves are thoroughly amusing and if you intend on for some picnic excursion, then the Safari Walk is ideally suited to meet all your needs.

Kibera Slum Kenya

Visiting the Kibera Slum:

Have you ever considered be watchful for flying toilets? If you’re planning to witness one of the largest slums not only in Kenya but in the entire globe then you might want to keep that in mind. For all those historians, those associated with education and other curious travelers who wish to dig up the ground realities of nations, then heading to the Kibera Slum might just be a great idea. Don’t forget to take your camera along as you would come across various backdrops you would love to capture.

Maasai Market Kenya

Maasai Market:

For those who have a flair for shopping and experiencing the real Kenyan market hodge podge, then there’s no better place to do that than to head to the Maasai Market. Over the weekends the place is thronged with shopaholics where you can procure almost anything and everything you may desire. From clothing, household accessories, fruits, vegetable, souvenirs and other merchandise which test your haggling skills to the core, a visit to the Maasai Market is truly enlightening, so book your cheap flights to Kenya now.

Tusker Beer Bottles Kenya

Quenching the thirst with Tusker Beer:

For those with a knack for quality local beer, then enjoying the pleasant aroma and convivial ambience of the bar located on the Street Casablanca Lenana is a must. The Bar will leave you completely engulfed in its chic Moroccan styled setting and there’s a large possibility that you might come across some famous socialites and prominent people from the area, so get your bargain airfare deals now.

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