Steaming Attractions: Nairobi National Park and National Museum

Nairobi features a quality list of some classy attractions and excursions which provides placate for the discerning travelers. Hundreds of thousands of travelers use Nairobi as a transit point each day and here we have combined a list of some classy attractions which would keep you busy if you are one of these traveler or even otherwise. Nairobi offers a sizzling assortment of multifarious attractions which include a formidable reflection of the rich African culture, history and the regular lifestyle of Africans.

Here at Nairobi there are multiple attractions and sights which you can vouch for and which immediately blow you away for their oozing serenity and elegance so here we have gelled together some of the more dazzling ones which would enable you to cut right through to the core of Nairobi attractions without juggling through the places you visit so get your cheap tickets to Nairobi today. Whether you are a one of those wildlife enthusiasts, culture explorer or simply a thrill seeking buff, the chances are the Nairobi would blow you away for its exclusive stretch of attractions.

Wild Buffalos Nairobi National Park Kenya

Nairobi National Park

For all those animal lovers out there, Nairobi provides an exclusive array of mind boggling wild life attractions which amongst other things include rhinos, zebras, cheetahs, lions and others. The diversified ecological system and its large location make it a perfect accommodation which enables you to spend some quality time. Here at the Nairobi National Park there are also wide ranging range of species (above 400) which provides the perfect venue for the birders.

The best part about the National Park are the plethora of enticing attractions which it splashes on its tourists which include the game drives and the Safari walks which are all conducted under professional supervision which maximizes your experience. Those camping enthusiasts are also offered Nairobi Tented Camp which consists of different luxury tents with suite facilities. For all those traveling to Nairobi with friends and groups and not willing to spend huge amounts on accommodation and preferring to stay near the nature are highly recommended to vouch for the Nairobi National Park so book your cheap flights to Zimbabwe now and immerse yourself in the fun.

Nairobi National Museum Exterior view

Nairobi National Museum

Nairobi is considered amongst those cities in the world which offers an exclusive collection of chronicles of the past which include relics, interactive exhibits, sculptures and other things which are simply dazzling for the historians and all those who have a penchant for the subject. The National Museum is extremely interactive which will keep your heads rolling at all times especially the stuffed birds are a feast for the sore eyes. The Nairobi National Museum has underwent considerable revamping and has come up with a completely revitalized look so get your bargain air deals now.

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