The Paradise that is Zanzibar’s Beaches

Ras Nungwi Beach Zanzibar

Tanzania is an amazing place, promising a great vacation as it is home to some of Africa’s greatest sites and attractions and offers the chance of a lifetime to be able to experience the raw natural beauty that Africa is blessed with, without having to compromise on the comforts of any developed country.

From a beautiful and diverse landscape to some of the friendliest people you will meet anywhere in the world, from great resorts and luxury lodging opportunities to some wild theme parks, from great safaris to great architecture of its cities, from museums for the art and history lovers to great beaches this place has something for everyone.

Although some of the attractions of Tanzania will keep you busy and indulged in fun activities there is nothing like the magnificent blues of the seas surrounding Zanzibar’s islands which will take you above and beyond everything else you can possibly have experienced with sights that are just incredible.

Besides the great beaches and attractions on the paved streets of Stone Town there is simply too much to indulge in and take part in not to mention the numerous international events and festivities the enchanting place hosts throughout the year. It is truly a traveler’s paradise which is why we are offering cheap flights to Zanzibar so that you can make the most of your holidays spending time in some of the best spots Africa has to offer.

The Northern Beaches have long been something of a forbidden fruit for water-sports fanatics and beach lovers all over the world and are really popular among the locals of the country who come from far off places to enjoy the many facilities these beaches promise as they are truly sensational and not just in terms of the beautiful views which they are renowned for.

The amazing facilities of the beaches will keep you busy with diving, snorkeling, dhow trips and many other water sports not to mention the perfect tan you will get while relaxing on the sun soaked sands of the beaches sipping tropical drinks and getting away from the busy and hectic work routine back at home. Truly a paradise place with great shopping malls and restaurants nearby which will cater to your dining and shopping needs to the content of your hearts. It epitomizes the term ‘tourist destination’ perfectly.

If you have had enough of its beaches, which is quite unlikely, and want to get a taste of Tanzania’s great cultural and historical heritage then perhaps a visit to the Palace Museum in Zanzibar is a must. From great archaeological and historical artifacts to fascinating displays of the lifestyle of the Sultan dynasty there is much to be entertained by and it is not only great fun but also promises to be a wonderful learning experience and an insight in the warm and purest of Africa and its history.

So for a chance to get blown away by Zanzibar’s wonderful beaches book your tickets as soon as possible to Zanzibar and get packing as it is a place full of wonders and entrancing sights and promises that you will stay entertained for all your days of visit.

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