The Top Favorite Foods in Africa

From South Africa’s bunny chow to Morocco’s b’stilla, you just can’t end up your trip in Africa, if you haven’t sampled at least some of the following exquisite and delicious foods. Some says that the 1st ever “barbecue” took place here so the continent can easily claim to be the inventor of “Cooking”. From the grand feasting dishes like aromatic curries, stews, tagines and breyanis to the root vegetables and the humble grain/maize porridges, this magical continent offer something for every palate.

South Africa- Pap en vleis/Shisa Nyama

The maize porridge and barbecued meat is the local’s favorite combination and this dish also allures all those travelers who grab cheap flights to Cape Town. The “Pap en vleis” is a colorful umbrella of a term that is used for the blend of stewed meat, braaied and starch with a side serving of chakalaka, relish and spicy gravy.

Shisa Nyama South Africa

Shisa nyama restaurants  are normally settled in close vicinity to the  butchers’ shops  so the patrons have a wide choice of meat selection- the boerewors, kebabs, chicken, steaks, chops accompanied by maize porridges in several varieties such as the suurpap, krummelpap , stywe pap and the phuthu – the best-loved delicacies of the region.

Mozambique- Peri Peri Chicken

This time lets change the plan- prepare yourself for an amazing trip to Africa where you can enjoy the most delicious and sumptuous cuisines of the planet- Mozambique is one gem destination that is very famous for featuring a heady blend of Arab, Oriental, Portuguese and African flavors- think about the hints of peanuts and cashews, the creamy coconut and hot peri peri sauces and the fragrant spices- yummy.

Peri Peri Chicken

Although multitudes of travelers take cheap flight tickets to Maputo for exploring the attractions but this time you must enjoy the wide variety of dainty and delicious delicacies. The sizzling seafood and spicy prawns are normally the 1st choice of the customer but don’t miss to taste Galinha à Zambeziana, the iconic Mozambican dish, succulent feast of chicken with peri peri sauce, coconut milk and peri peri sauce, garlic, pepper and lime. It is commonly called as grilled chicken peri peri but normally it is served to tourists with a peanut sauce and cassava leaves.

Jollof Rice Nigeria

Nigeria- Jollof Rice and Egusi Soup

With a variety of distinct regional cuisines, Nigeria is another darling destination for food lovers who just wait for low cost airlines to Nigeria and then spend the most memorable time of their lives. Although the list is very long but there is one such amazing dish- your trip would definitly be incomplete without tasting jollof rice. It is the most popular dish of Western Africa and people eat it like crazy.

A spicy and simple pot dish with its basics like pepper, onions, tomatoes and rice and is often served with some Nigerian favorites like egusi soup , at festive gatherings and parties. Some other must-try delicacies are spicy, thick broth that is flavored with suya, meat, chicken and okra.

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