Top Sights of Eritrea

Eritrea is one those hidden gems that offers an enchanting experience, far from the typical African-inspired holidays that one would expect. With its location within the mighty continent of Africa and bordering close to the Middle East, you would expect the country to possess a charming blend of African and Arabian influences.

But Eritrea is far from it; Boasting a capital city that reflects a very European vibe, Eritrea not only offers an exciting insight into its fascinating history and a rich cultural heritage, but also a chance to explore some of the world’s most stunning natural locations, guaranteeing that complete adventure-filled holiday that we all crave for.

With a country that offers a very colonial and Modernist architecture of its cities for the fancy of architectural enthusiasts, to the diverse wildlife attracting thousands of adventure-lovers from across the globe, this mere image surely compels one to search for the next opportunity of availing cheap flights to Eritrea. And why not? This beautiful country, despite its small size, has a whole lot of iconic sights in store for its visitors.


Asmara, the Capital City

A tour of this beautiful capital alone is enough to make you fall in love with the country. You do not need to hire tour guides to appreciate the stunning architectural beauty that Asmara boasts because the sheer indulgence of European-styled architecture alone is sufficient to take ones breath away. Take a stroll down the memory lane of these settlements by walking through the streets of the oldest neighbourhoods.

The city boasts the laid-back charm of a typical southern Italian city that is guaranteed to transport you to a time when everything seemed so calm and serene. With its tranquil neighbourhoods lined with scrumptious pastry shops and coffee shops along the pavements of its commercial areas, Asmara is a definite must-see place for all.


The Stunning Red Sea Coast

Eritrea boasts more than 1000 kilometres of Red Sea Coastline that offers both; an escapade to some of the most untouched shorelines to the popular touristy beaches near the city of Massawa. So choose whatever suits your interest and you are bound to fall in love with the coastline’s mesmerizing natural beauty.

You will also find varied beaches, some featuring the stunning white sands to others boasting the black volcanic-rock shores, with each unspoilt by the ravages of tourism which makes a visit here all the more worthwhile.



If you have toured the Italian-inspired city of Asmara, you shouldn’t expect the old-town port of Massawa to be the same. The two cities are miles apart, with Massawa boasting a glimpse of a very Turko-Egyptian styled city, despite the two being separated by only a 100 kilometres.

The city showcases the indulging white-washed buildings along its winding alleyways as one would expect while touring Zanzibar or an ancient town of Morocco. If you are in the mood to unravel the exotic architectures of both an Arabian city and a city with a very European vibe all in one ticket, the beautiful country of Eritrea is it.


Filfil Town

If unravelling the raw beauty of Mother Nature is your ultimate preference, head to Filfil town located in the outskirts of Asmara. Also known as the “green belt” located just north of the city of Asmara, Filfil is one the last remaining evergreen tropical forests home to some of the country’s stunning bird species and mammals. If you are in the mood to snap some stunning wildlife shots, definitely head out to Filfil.

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