Why Not Lagos?

For many of us Lagos is always either a stop over to another African destination or a place we have to go for our business purposes. Most people tend to ignore the fact that this second largest metropolis of the African continent has enough diversity and activities hidden in it self that makes it quite an attractive destination for spending a vacation. The reason behind this tourist attitude is the volatile political and security situation of the city and the country of Nigeria as a whole.

Also the city of Lagos has one of the highest crime rates in Africa, but that does not mean that you will always be mugged or robbed during your stay in the city. Cape Town has the comparable crime rate but it is also one of the most visited cities of the continent. You just need to be careful about trying not to venture into some specific districts of the city and also not driving late at night and you will be as safe as you can be in any other city of Lagos’s proportion.

The city of Lagos lies on the South Western Atlantic shore line of Nigeria and is home to more than 8 million residents. The city originated from a couple of islands that were separated by creeks, the largest among them is the Lagos Island but today the city has stretched on the mainland to 40 km north east of the Lagos Island. It is the financial and industrial heartland of the country because of it being the largest port of the region, and that’s precisely the reason for it being the second fastest growing city of Africa.

Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria

You can find a cheap flight to Lagos from most of the major airports of the world; most of the local Nigerians prefer the flag carrier airline of the country, the Arik Air for traveling to Lagos from abroad. The accommodation facilities in the city are many and include all range of hotels from the luxurious 5 stars to the ones catering to the tourists that are traveling on a budget.

The rich culture of the city is its greatest attraction, and to learn more about the history of the city and the country as a whole pay a visit to the National Museum in the city center. The Oba’s palace was the residential palace of the kings of Nigeria before the arrival of the westerners and it acted as the governor’s villa during the colonial era. Today it is preserved as a national heritage and is a must see if you want to know about the city’s history. If you have visited the city about a decade ago then you will surely be surprised by the rapid growth and advancement it has seen especially in the infrastructure and the entertainment facilities.

The Foreign investment in the oil and energy sector of the industry has meant a boom in the economy and it is evident by the luxurious hotels and resorts especially on the Victoria Island. If you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation then Victoria Island is the place to head to but keep in mind the price tag attached to it is quite high. Another attraction of the city is its vibrant and lively nightlife which is considered as one of the best in the western Africa.

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