Zambia lifts the ban on Wildlife Safari Hunting

The lifting of a 20 month ban on safari hunting has restored tourism to promote flights to Zambia for trophy hunters worldwide. According to the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), the tourism industry in Zambia has suffered a lot of financial problems due to this ban, and the tourism minister acknowledges this fact by adding that a great deal of revenue has been lost following its implementation.

However, it’s worth nothing that the ban on hunting big cats on a large scale is still active, ensuring in preserving these exotic animals at a sustainable population. Authorities have declared that hunting will now be conducted under strict observation and rules under vigilance of rangers and wildlife staff.

Wildlife safari hunting attracts tourists from all over the world. With 30% of the country dedicated to National Parks and a wide range of the worlds biggest and best game parks to choose from, it’s a safari dream location. Whether it’s canoeing or trekking, you are sure to find something of your interest in this spectacular country that will leave you amazed.


Sign up for a canoeing safari on the Upper Zambezi River and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You are sure to come across many bird homes and small animals. Spend your time photographing these fascinating creatures, with many opportunities to get up close and personal. With hippos, zebras and elephants always in sight, lay back and enjoy the comfort of your canoe.


Drop by at one of Africa’s most prized birding spots,the Lochinvar National Park, exhibiting 428 unique species. For an undisturbed and raw experience of wildlife, opt for a mobile safari, and explore the incredible wonders that occur without the influence of cultivation or civilization.

With giraffes, lions and elephants scattered all over the plains, never expect there to be a dull moment. Other exciting outdoor activities, such as fishing, bungee jumping, swimming and kayaking, help break the monotony of your getaway at Victoria Falls.

Apart from exploring nature, Zambia also offers an insight into its rich history and culture by way of multiple museums, such the Lusaka National Museum. The Nayuma Museum which promotes art and crafts and the Railway Museum which exhibits the country’s railway heritage are great educational activities to help spend your days.


Shiwa Ng’andu and Kapishya Hot Springs are also a must visit. Shiwa Ng’andu is a place located near to the Ishiba Lake (The Lake of the Royal Crocodile). This small community formed by Gore-Brown crocodiles includes an elaborate manor overlooking the lake and breathtaking sunsets, making it an ideal spot for a vacationer.

Kapishya is also located on this elaborate estate and is an exquisite yet natural hot spring surrounded by lush green vegetation and tall palms. Having the perfect scenic setting, it is well worth a stopover.

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