Political unrest in Egypt reaches its peak

Riots against the 30 years government of the President Husni Mubarak have reached to the uncontrollable levels.  The country has closed its Internet connection with the world, as its been reported that the young Egyptians have been excessively using Social Media services to increase the participation in protests.

Also, the Egyptian delegation in US has concluded and returned before time due to the sensitive political scene in the country. John Kerry, a senior United States senator has also advised the Egyptian president to resign. However, at present traveling to Egypt is not suggested for Western travelers.

egypt-flagSome of the International airline has also changed their flight schedules to assure maximum security and convenience for their customers travelling to and from Egypt. The United Kingdom’s national carrier British Airways, has delayed its flights to Cairo form London Heathrow yesterday, that was rescheduled to arrive in Egyptian Capital at 23:40 instead.

Many International airlines are reviewing the situation in Egypt to make their flight schedules convenient. Also, the FCO has updated its travel advice to Egypt this week stating that British Nationals should avoid political gatherings following violent demonstrations in Cairo and across the country.

FCO (Foreign & Common Wealth Office) also stated that tensions are likely to remain high and there is a risk that demonstrations will be ongoing for some time.

Egypt is a well travelled country for being the home of ancient wonder of the world, pyramids, desert Safari and it’s amazing beaches in Sharm el Sheikh.

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