Ghana -The Golden Coast, Historic Castles and Exotic Wildlife

The “Jewel of Western Africa” or Ghana is one of the most dazzling and captivating destination of this earth that is abundant with a vast variety of allurements and thus draws the attention of multitudes of all those travelers who grab cheapest flights to Accra. The people are generous and are as warm as the ambiance of this region. Rich in natural beauty, culture and history, it is genuinely a mind blowing location of earth. Ranging from the vibrant nightlife, tranquil beaches and bustling markets to the UNESCO World Heritage sites there is a slot more that is worth-watching and notable in this beautiful country.

Elephants at Mole National Park Ghana


The country comprises almost 15 reserves and national parks and each one is known for its unique wildlife and ecosystem. It is blanketed with the Canopy Walkways, a long series of hanging bridges, rare animals and stunning tropical rainforest. The largest wildlife refuge of Ghana called as Mole National Park, is the gem of the country that tempt many locals as well as the foreigners.

This park offers shelter to more than 93 mammal species that include warthogs, buffalo, hippos and elephants. Numerous antelope species can also be spotted here such as the green vervet , black-and-white colobus monkeys and olive baboons. The dwarf crocodiles and Slender-snouted are among the 33 known species of reptiles that will definitely take your breath away.

Elmina Castle Ghana


Ghana was a major economic hub and the Europeans erected several slave castles whose history date back to 15th century. The Elmina Castle is the most antiquated one of all that was constructed in 1482 by the Portuguese. It has also been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and now thousands of tourists from all around the world just love to hit this marvelous site. The town that is located nearby is colorful, energetic and very much vibrant.


Labadi beach is the sparkling ornament of the capital that inspires hundreds of coming visitors. It is the perfect destination for entertainment, sun and sand. The music, cultural dancing and drumming, everything is available to amuse you. The travelers can also head towards many cultural attractions like the Arts Center, W.E.B Dubois Center and the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. Get your flights to Accra now.

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park Accra

The upscale area of Osu is also very popular that features an impressive array of international and local restaurants. Accra is also best-loved by the lounge goers and the club hoppers. The Republic Bar and Grill is one of the most darling option that is known for its retro vibe. It has plenty of exotic cocktails, cold local beers and wonderful list of drinks.


A trip to this magical location-Kumasi is highly recommended. It will take you almost 5 hours to reach here and it is very famous for being the 2nd largest city of Ghana. The bustling Kejetia Market is also settled here- it serves to be the home of 10,000 stalls and stores. Lake Bosumtri, the Menhya Palace and the National Cultural Centre are some other attractions.

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