Interesting Activities at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is one of the well-known and notable park of Uganda which serves as the home of endangered species of Mountain gorillas. The park is located in Kisoro- the north-western region of the country which is situated at a distance of about 540 kilometres from the capital Kampala. There are a number of appealing activities at the park which grabs the attention of many people worldwide and force them to take flights to Entebbe. From the airport cab service is available to take you to Kampala and further more to Mgahinga Gorilla National Part to have an ultimate experience of their lives.

Volcano Climbing: The park offers three inactive volcanoes; Mt.Mgahinga (which is elevated at the height of 3,474 metres. The hike that goes through the pure and lush green bamboo forest will truly be mesmerizing and takes almost six hours for one complete trip. It was also the home of a crater lake that was perched on its to surface but with the passage of time it has transformed into a lush bog), Mt.Sabinyo (which has the height of about 3,669 metres three peaks offering challenge for the daring and courageous hikers. While you are ascending to the top, you will definitely have a bird’s eye view of the steep gorges of Rwanda and Uganda that will leave you in awe.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda

The most fascinating feature of the summit is that, when you are standing at the apex, your feet are in Uganda, Congo and Rwanda at the same time), Mt.Muhavura (with the elevation of approximately 4,127 metres the cone-shaped peak provides some of the most bewitching and breath-taking scenes of the nearby landscapes. The main passages are blanketed with shrubs, grass and rocks. Besides, the top provides the spectacular views of Bwindi, Rwenzori, Lake Edward of Queen Elizabeth National Park and Virunga volcanoes. It will take almost 8 hours to cover the whole distance of about 12 kilometres). Don’t forget to carry tents, canned food and water with you.

Bird Watching: The Park offers you the sight of many colourful birds such as Crowned Crane., Augur Buzzards, Black kite, crowned hornbill, Fiscal shrike and Rwenzori turaco. A walk along the Congo border towards the buffalo wall will provide you the chance to spot Yellow-Vented Bulbul , Waxbills , Grey-Capped Warbler, Stone chart, Fire Finch , Speckled Mouse bird, Whydah and Ibis. Don’t forget to bring your cameras and binoculars.

Cave Exploration: The cave which is famous for the warriors who were called as Crafty Batwa and is located on a distance of 3 kilometres from the gate of the park and it takes approximately 4 hours to reach it. You will get to know about the lives and fights of those warriors. The cave has the depth of about 14 metres and has the length of 342 metres, which is inhabited by a large number of bats.

Gorilla Tracking: The most thrilling and exhilarating activity that will take you through the dense forests and it will take almost 3-8 hours to have the complete excursion. The adventure requires you to move along the steep and sheer rocks that will be very tiresome but after encountering the gigantic primates you will definitely forget difficulties and complications of the path.

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