South Africa is Generously Blessed with Natural Wonders

If diversities make a place interesting then South African should be most interesting places on the planet earth. The country where variations are so commonplace leaves an indelible mark on the psyche of tourists who keep coming to this place time and again only to find that it has become more rejuvenating with every visit. And it is not an exaggeration. As the country is home to some timeless natural beauties that includes iconic Table Mountains, vast stretches of deserts of Kalahari and Krugger National Park that houses the big 5. With an eclectic mix of natural beauty, urban attractions and wildlife it inspires tourists to take flights to South Africa where all these things exists for real.

But if these are not enough than visit its cities like Cape Town or Johannesburg which are major hubs of tourism and business. Most of the tourist destinations have their own unique selling points but destination called South Africa has most of these features rolled into one. The country that offers best of human, wildlife and natural attractions could not be turned down easily.

Table Mountain Cape Town

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Cape Town is the destination that you can break your bank for. Basking in the glory of fabled tabled mountains the city is one of the most important draw cards of South Africa. It is the city that looks serene and dynamic at the same time. But spectacular Table Mountains is not the sole attractions here as silver sandy beaches, magnificent colonial buildings and vibrant markets make a pleasant diversity.

The city of Cape Town may have its own aura but if you want to see the cutting age development of the country you should go to Johannesburg which is constantly adding new lofty apartments to its landscape. Also referred as Jo’burg or Jozi the city is home to theatres, restaurants, museums and jazz clubs that makes the city worth exploring.

Once you have completed a trip to these spectacular cities it is time to explore the natural flora and fauna. And there is no better place to do this then renowned Kruger National Park that houses countries big 5. Spread across the vast stretch of land the park also houses 500 bird species, 147 mammal and 336 plant species that reflects its enormity.

Kruger National Park Cape Town

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A more enriching experience waits your arrival at Cape Winelands. The area is blessed with some most magnificent scenery in the South Africa. Situated in the north-east of Cape Town the place leaves tourist awestruck with its beautiful wine hills and mountains. Thousands take business class flights to Cape Town to make a trip to Cape Winelands.

The Cape Winelands are amazing but when you are in the country of South Africa you will find that surprises are so commonplace here. And if you have any doubt regarding this you can go to visit Boulders Beach where you can find a congregation of dolphins. While in South Africa you find that the Mother Nature has generously blessed this land with beautiful scenery. KwaZulu-Natal’s South Coast with its Sub-tropical forests, blue lagoons, silver beaches and rocky coves leaves you stunned. The place sees a heavy influx of tourists who seeks accommodation at various hotels and camping facilities available here.

Cape Town South Africa

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Alexander Jeff is an avid traveller who travels for the sake of travelling. Recently he took flights to South Africa to discover the best of nature and human efforts.

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